Business Loans

A business loan is a financial arrangement designed to provide capital to businesses for various purposes related to their operations and growth. It serves as a lifeline for businesses seeking funding to initiate, develop, or enhance their ventures. These loans offer flexible financing options tailored to meet specific business needs, ranging from acquiring equipment to expanding operations and managing working capital.

  • Avail funds without risking any of your assets.
  • Loans starting from 1 Lac - 50 Lacs, with repayment tenor up to 36 months
  • Minimal documentation
  • Digital Onboarding process
  • Quick Approvals
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • KYC & PAN
  • Business Establishment proof
  • Latest Bank Statement or GST Returns
  • Udyam Registration Certificate

Doctor’s Loan

Doctor’s Loan is an Unsecured Loan, tailored for medical professionals, including Doctors, Dentists, and Healthcare practitioners. This type of loan is designed to address the unique financial requirements of healthcare professionals, considering their distinct income patterns, professional needs, and career trajectories

  • Tailored specifically for Doctors, including Practitioners and Consultants.
  • Avail loans from 10-25 Lacs for your business or professional needs.
  • Flexible Repayment tenor ranging from 12 to 60 months.
  • Registration with IMA or State Medical Council is mandatory
  • Longer repayment tenure option
  • Digital onboarding process with Quick Approvals
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • KYC & PAN
  • Degree Certificate, along with IMA Registration Number
  • Latest Bank Statement, and Latest ITR
  • Udyam Registration Certificate
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